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Hornblower Infinity

At its heart, the Infinity Yacht is a luxury vessel that’s as energetic as it is elegant. The spacious interior, coupled with a lively aesthetic, make this yacht one of the premier destinations for a multitude of  NYC events. Including but not limited to, weddings, New Year’s celebrations, live performances, nightclub-esque parties, and fashion shows.

The Hornblower Infinity Yacht

From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel impressed with the yacht’s lavish interior design. The first deck’s glimmering aesthetic will draw you in with it’s tastefully arranged seating. Not to mention the impeccable designs of the flooring and ceiling. You’ll also be impressed with 1st deck’s two wooden dance floors; of which there are a total of five located throughout the vessel.

This sleek design is spread across the entire vessel. The second deck can be best described as a fancy dining room meets an even fancier lounge. You’ll find the DJ stationed firmly at the head of the mezzanine. The 2nd deck also features ample window side seating accompanied by stylish furnishing in front and back of the deck.

It’s at the 3rd deck where thing’s start to get a little more, shall we say “ritzy.” You’ll notice the luminous high rise tables and sleek metallic chairs. There’s also private furnished seating areas with LED screens that pop out of the windowsills. The entire aesthetic just screams chic, modern, and luxurious.

And we can’t forget about the wide open sky deck. Bask in the glory of the New York City; you’ll get premium views of that famous skyline from the highest point on The Infinity Yacht. As if this yacht wasn’t impressive enough, there’s also a private interior bar located at the back of the sky deck.

Scroll down and take a look at the amazing event’s we have planned aboard this glorious vessel.

Length: 210 ft.

Buffet capacity: 1,000 guests 

Dining capacity: 750 guests

Cocktail capacity: 700 guests 

Yacht features:

  • Three climate controlled decks
  • Custom LED lighting
  • State-of-the-art sound system and flat screen monitors
  • Four fully stocked bars and a champagne bar available
  • Exterior sun decks and Skydeck
  • Five dance floors


Pier 40 - West Houston Street and West Side Highway
New York, NY 10014

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