New Year's Eve Cruises

We Have Stellar New Year’s Eve Party Cruises Across the Map

As the year comes to an end, it’s only in our nature to want to unwind, let loose, and finish the year off with a bang. Which makes sense, since most of the year we’re counting down the minutes to the end of the day, just so we could commute back home. We absolutely should go try and have the time of our lives before we press the reset button.

What makes New Year’s so important to so many people is that it’s a time when you can look back on the year and reflect on your high’s and low’s. And we’re just taking a wild guess here, but one of your biggest regrets of the year was probably not having as much fun as you should of. And you’re probably thinking your New Year’s resolution should be to make sure the coming year is filled with excitement and good times. That’s great, cause we’ve got some exciting yacht parties around the country that will surely help you realize that resolution.

New Year's party cruise

New York New Year’s Eve Party Cruises

New York, New York. Can you name another city that’s as synonymous with new beginnings and starting fresh? Probably not. It’s safe to say NYC is pretty much the New Year’s Eve capital, considering the biggest televised NYE event is in Times Square. It seems like everybody’s just enthralled by the Annual Ball drop. Even so, there’s more to New York on New Year’s than that. Be an original, and end the year on an extravagant yacht, making up for all the parties you didn’t go to the whole year.   

The New Year’s Eve Ball aboard the Infinity Yacht
Forget the ball in Times Square, we’ve got a ball of our own. And our’s has great music, dancing, and incredible views of NYC. Not to mention, you’ll be celebrating New Year’s on the spectacular Infinity Yacht. This magnificent yacht has 3 climate-controlled interior decks draped in pretty LED lighting, and small open-area sun decks on the 2nd and 3rd decks. We can’t forget to mention the yacht’s open-wide sky deck where you can get an absolutely perfect view of the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Premier New Year’s Eve Dinner Cruise Aboard the Hornblower Esprit Yacht
This absolutely fabulous dinner cruise is on the oh-so-classy Esprit Yacht. This vessel really is a sight to see. If it’s cool and sleek exterior wasn’t enough, there’s also it’s elegant, almost ballroom like aesthetic of it’s two interior decks.  

Rock the Boat: New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the Bay State
End the year on a high note and come rock the boat with us. This end of the year boat party brings you the excellent views we promised. Along with a four-hour premium open bar. Yes, that’s right, four hours of premium drinks to put the year to bed.

Atlantis New Years Eve Fireworks Dinner Cruise
Pile on delicious entree after entree on the buffet area of this amazing dinner cruise. We’re talking delicious meals and hor ‘d’oeuvres to end the year on a full stomach. Need we say more? Okay fine, there’s also a 5-hour premium open bar.

Maybe you’re looking to end the year on a lighter, more family-friendly note. Maybe you’ve got kids and you’d like the family to ring in the New Year on a yacht and enjoy an excellent fireworks show. That’s great. We’ve got end of the year yacht parties that fit that description perfectly. Here are some more, shall we say, more wholesome endeavors to end 2018 on.

New Year's Eve party cruises

2019 New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Gala Aboard The Cornucopia Destiny Yacht
Families can expect to enjoy a night of stellar food, great music, and of course, impeccable views on this New Year’s Eve fireworks cruise. When it comes to beautiful interiors, it doesn’t get much prettier than the Cornucopia Destiny Yacht. This vessel mixes the aesthetics of a 5-star hotel with a 5-star restaurant. Which is great since you’ll have plenty of appetizing entrees aboard to chow down on as you sail into the new year.

New Year’s Eve Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Serenity Yacht
Say goodbye to 2018 on this family-friendly cruise aboard the Serenity. Enjoy a full dinner buffet aboard this magnificent New Year’s Eve party cruise. Our live Dj will be on board making sure no boogie is left un-grooved. You’ll also get the chance to take stunning pictures of the cities landmarks, skyline, and the annual NYE fireworks. Make sure you share those pictures with us on social media.

Head To Miami!

Everybody’s favorite vacation destination. Miami’s a gorgeous city with plenty of attractions, and a thriving nightlife scene. Who wouldn’t want to end the year with the party pros of south beach? We would! And that’s why we’ve got excellent New Year’s Eve party cruises that take a whole year’s worth of that Miami madness and concentrate it into one amazing night.

New Year's Eve party cruises

New Year’s Eve Fireworks Gala Aboard The Musette Yacht
Start the year in one of the most party-hardy cities in the country at one of the best New Year’s Eve yacht parties in town. You’ll get exceptional views of the Bayfront fireworks show, all while enjoying a three and a half hour open-bar.

Living The Dream New Year’s Eve At Highbar At The Dream Hotel
One of the best pieces of advice is to follow your dreams. And if your dream is to party in a fancy hotel bar on New Year’s Eve then you’re in luck! The Highbar is as incredible as rooftops tend to get. With a super swanky aesthetic and rooftop pool, it’s not just the views of the Miami you’ll enjoy. There’ll be a live DJ; so you can dance your way into the new year while you order your favorite drink at the open bar.

Chicago’s Got New Year’s Eve Party Cruises Too!

The Windy City likes to go all out for New Year’s baby. Traditionally, the Navy Pier fireworks show is one of the center attractions for Chi-Town natives. And with good reason, the fireworks display conducted by the Aon is truly a wonderful show, and you could catch the absolute best views aboard one of our fantastic New Year’s Eve party cruises.

New Year's Eve party cruises

The 2nd Annual FantaSEA Ball Aboard the Chicago Elite
For the second time, we’re throwing this fabulous yacht party that’ll live up to all your FantaSEA’s aboard the glorious Chicago Elite Yacht. To call the yacht elite is an understatement, this boat is in a league of its own. Everything from the furniture, to the flooring, is decadent, lavish, and stylish. It’s interior aesthetic can be likened to a trendy nightclub, or exclusive rooftop lounge. And that open-air sky deck is a real beauty too.

Moonlight New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the Mystic Blue Yacht
Party into the moonlight aboard the trusty Mystic Blue Yacht. This magnificent vessel spends a great deal of the summer cruising after work on Mondays and Tuesdays on an incredible weekly cruise (that you should definitely check out); but on New Year’s this yacht is the ultimate destination for a year ending party to end all year ending parties in Chicago. End the year on a full stomach with entrees and appetizers from our varied and robust menu. Allow one of our seasoned bartenders to fix you up a drink of your choice at the platinum open-bar. To top it all off, you also get a spectacular view of the annual Navy Pier fireworks show. Along with incredible views of the Chicago city skyline.

San Fran’s Got The Parties!

If you happen to be in Frisco for the end of 2018, you’re sure to hear about the many ways the Bay Area rings in the new year. You could head to the Zen Center and welcome 2019 with a bonfire and some mediation; if you’re into that whole body-as-a-temple thing. Or you could try your hand at looking for a  great spot to see the fireworks show. If the latter is more your speed than we’ve got you covered.

New Year's Eve party cruises

The 6th Annual Moonlight New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the San Francisco Spirit Yacht
We’re bringing back this annual midnight bash for another epic New Year’s Eve cruise. Board the magnificent San Francisco Spirit Yacht; a triple-decker beauty of a boat. Not only does this spacious yacht have plenty of room for you to boogie in its interior; it also has an outdoor bow on the second deck and an open area on the top deck. Enjoy a drink with your amazing views as you bring in the new year.     

New Year’s Rock the Yacht Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Merlot Commodore Yacht
Come rock the yacht with us aboard the elegant Merlot Commodore for a truly exquisite night to end your year.  The Merlot is a fine vessel, with an interior that screams luxury, and an exterior that exudes sophistication. You can’t go wrong welcoming the new year aboard this fantastic fireworks cruise.


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