New Years Cruises in Los Angeles

People from around the world come to Los Angeles to enjoy their entertainment scene. With awesome nightclubs, chic lounges, and hotel rooftops that are featured in films, it's fair to say that this place is pretty epic. But if you're a local, chances are you're not going to opt for those choices right after you leave the office. You're in the mood for a more laid-back experience after spending hours on end staring at a screen and being trapped in a cubicle. That's why we decided to open up shop in Los Angeles. Now we're considered the go-to option for after work shenanigans. Forget the neighborhood bar, or the local pub that's near the office. We give you the opportunity to see the city from the outside in, and enjoy some awesome cocktails in a great environment that you and your co-workers will enjoy from the moment you board, until the moment the ship docks.

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