New Years Cruises in Washington DC

What's worse than visiting the same happy hour destinations on a weekly basis? Not having another option. Luckily for Washington DC, offers up the best alternative after work events in town. We may have our favorite places to go out in, from nightclubs and bar to lounges and rooftops, but when you're really looking to change things up, it's best to hop aboard some of the top yachts in the city. If you were looking for the top A-list experience, it doesn't get much better than a yacht. Our yachts offer up multiple levels that feature full bars, and dance floors where DJs serve up music. Get ready to see the city like you never have before. You can climb to the top of the highest building, but when you get the glimpse from the outside in, it just doesn't get much better than that. If there's one way to really change up your nightlife routine, this is it. events take place in Washington DC on any given day during the workweek. Pick the event that's right for you, and get ready for an experience you won't forget.

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